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Be Inspired.

Truer words have never been spoken. I am constantly amazed by the sheer number of creative entrepreneurs out there who take risks in leaving the familiar and branching out into new endeavors, following their dreams despite the naysayers and making it all a reality. I’m proud to say, that I too will soon be joining the ranks of these fabulous women {and men} and I have to say that it is both exhilarating and absolutely frightening. I’m far from fearless and for that I am thankful. Something that doesn’t make you want to cry a little and smile uncontrollably, in my opinion isn’t worth pursuing. For too long, I have been craving for something more, longing for creating the life I want on my own terms. Let’s face it, there is no better time than the present. Take stride in your strengths and be persistent in not letting your weaknesses defeat you, but to only inspire you to be better than your best. Enjoy your weekend and push your mind and body do to something, anything out of your comfort zone…big or small! That is how growth is realized.




Happy Scary Creepy Ghoul Day!

It’s Halloween folks and I can’t possibly let the day go by without doing a blog roundup of some great DIY projects showing off zombies and typical Halloween fare, pumpkins! I have to admit that I really slacked this year in Halloween decor. I was planning on painting and stenciling a few pumpkins for the doorstep, decking out the inside with cobwebs, skeletons, and bats and above all throwing the greatest fright fest ever! But I digress, with moving and getting my design business off the ground, my energy and time has been consumed with lots of non-Halloween details. But that doesn’t mean I can’t live vicariously through the blogosphere and share all the yummy decor and festivities I’ve come across.

These photos below are from Brooklyn Limestone and let me just say, she does Halloween like nobody’s business! Her vision this year stems from the Wizard of Oz, which she so charmingly coined “Wicked of Oz.” Details are what makes decorating so special and they are supremely executed here. I’m loving the custom signs and blood writing on the door. So fun!

And check out her wicked (no pun intended) invites:

These red slippers are such a great idea! Can we all just agree how talented and on point Stephanie is!? I caught wind of her blog a couple years ago and have loved every detail she puts into her work ever since. Be sure to check out more of Mrs. Limestone’s detailed shots on her blog and other past Halloween soirees and her accompanying invitations.

I also came across some really awe-inspiring DIY pumpkin projects and table decor concepts. The crafts just keep getting better and better!

I luurrvve -yes, that is correct – this diorama! Talk about a new take on pumpkin carving and it only cost Karen 30 bucks! Check out her blog, The Art of Doing Nothing for all the deets on how to make your own version. This idea could be pulled off for other festivities… think baby showers or Oscar Night celebrations, even using other materials aside from pumpkins. Definitely filing this in my memory bank for future reference.

Since I’m a sucker for a well designed table scape, I knew I would find plenty of those over at Amy Atlas, dessert table connoisseur. And lo and behold,  Amy happened to be showcasing a guest feature by Karen Ayars, a Hotel Halloween. What a great idea and again the details are the elements that take an idea from ho hum to job well done! Be sure to check out Amy’s blog for lots more pics, including a few of Karen’s cute little girl, dressed the part of course.











Anyone else throwing a Halloween Bash or attempting any cool craft/decor projects? Share, share, share!! If you didn’t get rained out in the northeast area and going trick-or-treating tonight, ENJOY the candy and costumes and run like mad from the vampires.

xoxo, Mercedes

Ga-Ga for Antlers and an Etsy Spotlight!

It’s pretty difficult to come across a beautiful interior without spotting a variation of one of these beauties.

I’m always on the lookout for something that has been reinvented, a fresh new take on something so commonplace. I must admit, I love the natural beauty of these pieces of art and in white they are just as stunning, but more often than not I crave a splash of color! Then I came across these babies on Anthropologie.

I learned quickly that these beauties come from Cassandra Smith, who has a stock pile of them on her lovely Etsy shop, MadeByCassandraSmith. These are authentic White-tailed Deer antlers and is important to note that Cassandra makes it clear that these are naturally shed antlers found throughout the woods. Apparently, deers shed antlers and re-grow new ones! Fascinating, because it leaves us with these beauties that Cassandra hand paints herself using beautiful color combinations.


With different sizes, colors and styles, anyone of these is bound to make a statement in your home. I’m actually feeling inspired to apply this technique to a mirror I thrift-ed. More on that later!

Anyone else loving antlers as much as me? Or are you fixated on another animal and their adornments?

xoxo, Mercedes

**By the way, I’m not being paid or perked to make any of the above statements. I just like to give acknowledgement and appreciation to handmade goods that are unique and charming!**

Pattern Play

I L-O-V-E me some patterns. Paisleys, Geometrics-Oh-let-me-count-the-ways-how-I-Iove-thee, Damask, Chinoiserie designs, Abstract styles, Ikat, Floral (admittedly few, but not bad for someone who used to cringe at the words “floral fabric”).Oh there are so many and yet so few hours in the day to drool over how patterns are interchangeably used on walls, heck even ceilings and floors and of course through textiles.


                                                       Lee Jofa – Being transported to a far away land in 3-2-1…

ImageAnnsley Interiors – Love that branch-y style chandy hanging from that bold patterned ceiling!

Centsational Girl – I love the use of this exaggerated quatrefoil mirror over the mantel. Definitely adds a nice touch to the focal point of the room, that being the fireplace, without overpowering the space.

Of course, I can’t just relish patterns to those few applications! There’s beautiful drop dead stationary, decorative papers and boxes and of course oh so lovely accessories.

Smock Paper – Smock’s newest line of wrapping paper. Ooooo, how puuurrrddy. What I love the most is that it’s reversible! Two separate but coordinating designs.

Pottery Barn – This Capiz Pendant is the perfect addition to this room. It adds a layer of rich texture to the rustic shabby inspired room and is the prefect touch of luxe. Loving the juxtaposition of all the elements.

If there is one thing I could talk about for days on in, it is definitely patterns in all forms. It’s what makes a room sing and dance. I say, dance like no one’s watching!

What about you guys? Do patterns play a big role in your space or do you prefer the more minimal approach?

Let’s Get It Started In Here, Let’s Get It Stated

In the words of the Black Eyed Peas, Let’s Get It Started! And with that, the start of this blog, Urban Nest Interiors, detailing the ideas, ramblings and love of design. As I grow and cultivate my brand, I want to be able to share with my readers the love and passion I have for beautiful spaces. Let’s pop the bubbly and share in the journey! 

Side Note: Am I the only one with that song stuck in my head!? :-)

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